Rae Top Pattern (Sizes 6-18)


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Rae Top Pattern (Sizes 6-18)

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Rae Top – A relaxed pull-on top with stylish design features including a wide, gathered neckline. The pattern includes options for a sleek sleeveless look with bound armholes (View A), cap sleeves (View B) or soft, elbow length sleeves with gathered hems (View C).

Suitable fabrics for include linen, cotton poplin, light-weight wool, light-weight denim, silk, viscose and rayon.

Print at home AND Print at copy shop ( blog post tutorial here).

The pattern comes with a A4 (or US Letter Size Paper) Print At Home version (There are pattern tiles plus the test square and tile layout sheets. You will also receive Print At Copy Shop version files (NOTE: Sheets 1 (View A) and 2 (View B and C) are A0 sheet size paper) along with the sewing instructions file (so that you can print these at home). Ensure that all printing is done at 100% Scale (or Full Scale).

  • After purchasing a digital sewing pattern, you will be able to download the pattern instantly (check for the download link on the order confirmation page at the end of the checkout process. It may take a moment to become active). 
  • You will also receive an automatic email with a link to the download. 
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Hard Copy Version (Limited Stock).

For a limited time only the Rae Top Pattern will be available to order in full hard copy - two printed full sheet layouts of the pattern in all sizes together with sewing instruction booklet with colour photos.

Pattern Details.

Sizes included: (AUS sizing) 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18

Size Chart 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Bust 81cm 86cm 91cm 96cm 101cm 106cm 111cm
Waist 69cm 74cm 79cm 84cm 89cm 94cm 99cm
Hip 91cm 96cm 101cm 106cm 111cm 116cm 121cm
View A - sleeveless (112cm) 1.25m 1.30m 1.30m 1.35m 1.35m 1.40m 1.40m
View A - sleeveless (135-140cm) 0.95m 0.95m 0.95m 1.00m 1.00m 1.20m 1.20m
View B - cap sleeve (112cm) 1.25m 1.30m 1.30m 1.35m 1.35m 1.65m 1.65m
View B - cap sleeve (135-140cm) 1.05m 1.05m 1.10m 1.10m 1.10m 1.15m 1.25m
View C - elbow length sleeve (112cm) 1.35m 1.35m 1.45m 1.75m 1.95m 2.05m 2.10m
View C - elbow length sleeve (135-140cm) 1.05m 1.05m 1.10m 1.10m 1.15m 1.20m 1.50m
9mm (3/8") wide elastic for neck (View A , B and C)
59cm 60cm 62cm 64cm 66cm 68cm 70cm

9mm (3/8") wide elastic for gathered sleeve (View C only) (cut in half)

66cm 68cm 71cm 73.5cm 76cm 78cm 81cm

Recommended fabrics: 
linen, cotton poplin, light-weight wool, light-weight denim, silk, viscose and rayon.

Notionsthread, 25cm x tear-away Vilene, 9mm(3/8") elastic (meterage above).

Finished length of Rae Top (from centre back):  51cm(20"), 52cm(201⁄2"), 53cm(21"), 54.5cm(211⁄2"), 56cm(22"), 57cm(221⁄2"), 58.5cm(23")

Finished measurement at bust:  96.5cm(38"), 99cm(39"), 101.5cm(40"), 106.5cm(42"), 111.5cm(44"), 117cm(46"), 123cm(48")

Finished measurement at hip: 109cm(43"), 111.5cm(44"), 114.5cm(45"), 119.5cm(47"), 124.5cm(49"), 129.5cm(51"), 134.5cm(53")

Finished length of cap sleeve (View B only): 18cm(71⁄4"), 19cm(75/8"), 20cm(8"), 21cm(83/8"), 22cm(83⁄4"), 23cm(91/8"), 24cm(91⁄2")

Finished length of gathered sleeve (View C only):  27cm(103⁄4"), 28cm(111/8"), 29cm(111⁄2"), 30cm(117/8"), 31cm(121⁄4"), 32cm(125/8"), 33cm(13")

Seam Allowance: seam allowances are included in pattern. Suitable for intermediate beginners to advanced sewers.

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