Saja Silk Wash - 520ml

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Saja Silk Wash - 520ml

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Washing silk, wool, cashmere and other fine fabrics is made easy with SAJA SILK WASH. We have specially formulated a wash to clean silk of perspiration, body oils and stains. Silk, cashmere and wool are natural protein fibres and should never be laundered with ordinary washing detergents as they become hard, dull and brittle. Used regularly SAJA SILK WASH will help maintain silk’s natural softness and lustre.

Delicately scented with Rosa Damascena , an essential oil that naturally contains anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being known to calm and relax. Roses are described as the “Queen of Flowers” and are known to contain particular therapeutic qualities for women.

SAJA SILK WASH is pH neutral, non-toxic and hypoallergenic making it gentle on silk, you and the environment.

Approximately 25 washes per bottle

Washing Instructions:

Handwash ~20ml (3 capfuls) in 5 litres cold/tepid water

Front Loader ~20ml (3 capfuls) Select Silk/Delicate Cycle

Top Loader ~25ml (4 capfuls) Select Silk/Delicate Cycle

Made In Australia

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